Templates for Gmail

Add Flavor To Your Gmail Templates With Tomato

Add Flavor To Your Gmail Templates With Tomato

Sprout Productivity: Create personalized templates for everyday queries and boost your response time in seconds!
Tomato's Recipe for Success: Add text, images, and links to your articles, along with custom variables like the recipient's first name, for that personalized touch.

Insert Templates with a Tab of Flavor

Use Tomato's template shortcuts to insert standard answers swiftly when responding to customers.
Press B for Brilliant Templates: Forgot the text shortcuts? Tomato's got you covered with a search button in every Compose Message and Reply area.
Ctrl/Cmd + Space for Savory Dialog: Open the template dialog instantly by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + Space in the Reply area.

Share the Tomato Goodness:

Keep your team in sync with shared templates for the best possible support on Gmail.
Stay Fresh and Updated: Shared templates sync instantly, ensuring everyone has the latest information.
Perfectly Ripe for Teams: Whether big or small, Tomato's Premium plan allows unlimited templates and team members.
Harvest Better Customer Service: Reduce response time with helpful and relevant information using Tomato's standardized templates.

Tomato's Special Blend:

Tomato's Special Blend: Get new support agents up to speed and provide customers with the details they need.
With Tomato's Template Magic, your communication will be as smooth as ripe tomatoes in summer!